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9 PM Eye Drops - Xalatan - Latanoprost

9 PM - Latanoprost - Xalatan

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9 PM Eye Drops - Xalatan - Latanoprost

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9 pm eye drop is a medicament which is formulated by Latanoprost. This eye drop is used in the management of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. In human eye various disorders take place. These disorders occur due to increase in the intraocular pressure in the eyes. In an individual, vision loss may occur  due to  glaucoma which may happen as a result of increase in intraocular pressure.

Latanoprost is the main active ingredient of this eye drop. Latanoprost Eye Drops is functionally similar to natural prostaglandin present in the eyes. This is selective prostaglandin receptor agonist. It reduces the intraocular pressure by increasing the affinity of prostaglandin and drainage of fluid from the eyes. As intraocular pressure in the eyes decreased, the risk of glaucoma and blindness also decreases. Thus this drug is used in the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

There are some peoples, in which Latanoprost Eye Drops is CONTRAINDICATED, so these people should avoid this drug.

  • The individual, who is suffering from infection of eyes, should not use this drug.
  • An individual, who is allergic to this drug or Latanoprost, should avoid this eye drop.
  • You should not use this eye drops if you are consuming non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.
  • An individual, who is suffering from macular edema, should not use this eye drop.

You should store this drug in suitable storage condition, as to protect its shelf life. It should be stored at room temperature; away from moisture and direct heat. Keep it away from pets and children.


This eye drops should be inserted in eyes directly by the dropper. You should insert one drop of this eye drop in the affected eyes in the evening. It should be use only once in a day. For best result use this eye drop daily at a same time.

You should not use this eye drop in a dose more than recommended, as it can produce severe harmful effects in the eyes. Use of this eye drop in overdose shows some symptoms such as headache, severe pain and swelling in the eyes and nearby region, irritation, dry eyes and vision problems. If you observes these symptoms then immediately contact with your physician.

Take the missed dose of 9pm eye drop whenever you remember, but if it is time for your next regular dose, then go for next dose and forget the missed dose. You should not use two doses of this drug at a same time.

When an individual use this eye drop, it may produce some temporary ADVERSE EFFECT. These include slight swelling, redness, itching and drying of the eyes. These effects diminish automatically as the time spends.


  • You should avoid this drug if you wear contact lenses in the eyes.
  • Wash your hand properly before using this drug.
  • You should avoid driving, if you are using this drug, as use of this eye drop may cause dizziness.
  • Use this eye drop with extra care, in case of lactation.