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Brinzolamide Opthalmic

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Azopt ophthalmic preparation that has generic Brinzolamide 1% is obtained in suspension form. Brinzolamide is a Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and it is meant to help in conditions like open angle Glaucoma and intra ocular hypertension.  Azopt should be used thrice a day putting one drop each time. Azopt helps in decreasing amount of fluid in aqueous humor and provides relief.

The increased eye pressure if remain untreated may cause blindness as it may damage optic nerves that may lead to distortion of vision. (CA) increases the reverse reaction that includes hydration of Carbon dioxide. The bicarbonates will be produced less due to Azopt. This will result in bringing down of ocular pressure.  In this manner, Azopt (Brinzolamide) reduce IOP.

Contraindication for the Azopt eye suspension: If the person is hypersensitive to the content one must not take the medication.

 The patient having Azopt ophthalmic suspension must take care while administration of drug along other medication, as the following drugs has drug interaction with Brinzolamide.

  • Patients taking oral carbonic anhydrase which is not appreciable to take while having Azopt.
  • High salicylates drugs like aspirin and ecosprin or other drugs having salicylates which may cause potential side effects while taking the drugs.

 Storage of Azopt eye drop: One should keep the eye drop in cool and shady place; one must not store the eye suspension in refrigerator.

When it comes to the dossier:  generally Azopt should be used in following way:

  • One drop, three times in a day is recommended dose for Azopt, if one is using other ophthalmic preparations he/she should maintain at least 10minute gap in each dosing.
  • If one is using ointment for eye one should use the eye drops first.

Before application:  one must maintain hygiene, so one should wash his/her hand before using the medicament. One should never touch the tip of the dropper. One should remove the optical lenses or contact lenses before instillation of eye drops. One should wait for around 15 minute to put the contact lenses back.

  • One can put eye drop by looking upward, putting head back and pulling eye lid to make direct instillation of eye drop.
  • One should put one drop in the eye. Look downward after inoculation of drop and close eye gently for about 2minutes.
  • One must not rinse the dropper and replace the cap of dropper after each use to maintain the sterile condition for the medication.
  • Use the medication regularly as directed.

Side effects that can be experienced while the use of Azopt suspension:

The drug may cause temporarily blurred vision; one should avoid using heavy machinery or driving vehicle as it impairs the vision on temporary basis.

Inflammation and redness of eyes can be experienced. Dry eyes, eye discharge and running nose can be the general side effects.

In certain patients it may cause double vision also; an unusual taste in mouth like bitter or sour tastes could be experienced.

Precautionary steps while using Azopt eye suspension:

Drugs like sulfonamide has hypersensitive reactions if used along with Azopt eye drop.

If the Patient has renal dysfunction; one should avoid the medication or take the medication cautiously.

Contact lens should be avoided while using the medication as it contains preservatives that may affect the lenses.