We right from birth start discovering things. First, we learn speaking than writing, and slowly other areas of our lives. Similarly, we discover sensual pleasure. You find out your erogenous zones of your body. The zones of your body that your partner love to fondle. This playful act makes you in an excited state and a state comes when dopamine hits you producing a state of blissful experience. To have such experience you must be sensually active and potential.

Those who are incapable lose in this race of sensuality. Failures make them to lose their partners. There is a feeling of dejection and depression. To enjoy the pleasure and become potential of love-making, you must opt for Fildena 100 mg 50 mg Sildenafil Generic Viagra Tablets. This very medicine is effective in bringing up your erection quickly without losing hope. You could become able to show up your sensual side to your partner.

The sensual side that was suppressed for so long due to erection dysfunction can now come outwards. Do not get depressed due to ED, try this single pill, and see the magic around. The eternal bliss will arrive within few minutes after you have sensual stimulation.       

Sildenafil is a generic component of Fildena. This medicine has an advantage of keeping up your erection for quite long time. Those who need some remedy for maintaining their erection must begin using this medicine. This comes under Phosphodiesterase Enzyme Inhibitor Class.

PDE5 work: It is responsible for degradation of cGMP. There remains poor cGMP quantity hence it brings poor vasodilation so poor erection.

Fildena works upon PDE5 and stops it thereby uprising cGMP in the genital region. This brings about fast vasodilation process and so good erection needed for pleasure.

Dose availability: It can be obtained as 50 mg and 100 mg dose. It is available in solid dosage form. Use single tablet before one hour of intimacy act. The action prolongs for 4-5 hours. When you feel to have another intimacy at then keep 24 hours gap between the first dose and second dose.

It is better to contraindicate this medicine in certain conditions such as:

  • Never intake this form of medicine when you are supposed to have sensitive reaction
  • Never intake this medicine when you are already using Nitrate form of drugs
  • Never use this medicine when your age lies below 18 years

Precautions that you have to keep following always:

  • Keep low on your fat consumption as this will slow down absorption process.
  • Do not allow yourself to have alcohol or grapefruit juice as those will interact and produce sick issues.
  • Patients having a cardiac problem must ask a doctor before using this medicine.
  • Heavy dizziness occurs after the sensual act so stay away from driving or operating machines.

Commonly happening sick effects that precipitate after using this medicine are as palpitation, flushing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, and shortness of breath, muscle pain, and back pain.

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