"Is everyone talking about me?"

"Why is everything spinning around/ I feel suffocated"

"It is better to stay at home instead of going out"

"I should avoid this gathering or else I might have an anxiety attack"

If these are the sentences that are constantly revolving in your head then you might be suffering from a condition of anxiety. Anxiety is a very common mental disorder which has confiscated a lot of people under its effect.

However, hiding or running away from this condition will not help, accepting and seeking a medical help will. One such tremendous solution for anxiety is Librium. Use this medication and overcome anxiety effectively.

Librium 25 mg 10 mg Generic Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride Medication is an exquisite remedy for the treatment of anxiety disorders in adults. This medication is extensively employed for treating generalized anxiety disorder and anxiety that ranges from mild to severe.

The pre-operative apprehension that is common before a surgical procedure can also be controlled with the help of Librium. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can also be easily curbed with the help of this medication.

Librium is commercially accepted in the dosing strength of 10 mg and 25 mg in the form of capsules.

A person going through the anguish of mild to moderate anxiety is required to consume 5-10mg of Librium twice or thrice a day with an ample amount of water. If his or her anxiety is severe in nature then taking a dose of 20-25mg of Librium three times a day is suitable.

A person about to bear a surgical procedure should take 5-10mg of this medication two to three times before undergoing a surgical procedure.

In order to succeed over your alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you must consume 50-100mg of Librium until the quivering and shaking actions come under control.

Undesirable effects likely to occur with the use of Librium are sedation, dizziness, drowsiness, restlessness, haziness of vision, extreme muscle weakness, loss of appetite and loss of libido.

Precautionary measures taken with the use of Librium are

  • Not using it in case you are allergic to any of the constituents of this medication.
  • Do not consume any alcoholic beverages and sedatives while using this medication.
  • It is inadvisable to attempt driving and performing other visually challenging tasks while using this medication.
  • Do not take this medication for a longer time and do not stop taking it all of a sudden as it may result in withdrawal symptoms
  • This medication is not intended to be used by women, children and geriatric patients.
  • A person younger than 18 years of age should stay away from this medication.

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