Losing hardness… getting ashamed of your manliness…surely getting tense about your manhood….You should be in bed to enjoy the lovemaking until the time you want, but you are not doing so even you are not near to bedroom. You are doing some urgent work and your fingers are continuously pressing the keyboard keys. Engaged in sending emails at this time however you can do this work tomorrow morning too but you are doing it just now by telling your woman that it is urgent but it’s not. This is your excuse to escape from intimate moments. Your wife supposes that you get too busy with your office work that you are not paying any attention to her; maybe she is the cause of it. Every night you see a hope, a desire in your woman’s eyes that “this night” you will love her. Intercourse is not given a physical satisfaction to a woman but also proves that how much importance she has in his man’s life.

If a woman sees the passion of his man in loving her she feels beautiful and special. She feels like she is top of the world that at the end of the day her man only wants to get intimate with her as a solution of his whole day tiredness. Not getting so really seems upsetting for both man and woman, therefore remain active in your bedroom by giving her your full attention and of course……..

Fildena 100 mg has been proven a quick solution for man’s erection trouble. This medicine has given the proven results in giving an unbending erection for a long time. After taking it, man becomes passionate to make sensual activities and then intercourse. He loves intensely to his mate like it was his first time that satisfies the sensual urges of woman as well as takes the relationship to a height of love. Fildena contains a basic key compound “Sildenafil Citrate” as the main ingredient.

The working action of Sildenafil Citrate involves the cessation of the PDE-5 enzyme so that no cGMP gets a break in the male penile area.  In the starting of love, nitric oxide starts discharging from the body that is responsible for creating and storing cGMP in male delicate part. This often results in relaxing of blood vessels due to vasodilation and relaxation of penile tissues resulting in excessive blood flow causing a rigid erection.

Fildena is used to manage Impotency in males.

The appropriate dosing strengths of Fildena are 50 mg and 100 mg that you get from our drugstore online. One dose of this medicine needs to be taken orally, one hour before enjoying the satisfying sensual session with an immense amount of water. Take the other dosing of this drug after a day as the benefits of it remain for 4 to 5 hours in the body.

Some men complained about the noxious effects of Fildena such as stuffy nose, indistinctness, uneasiness, ashamed, feebleness, and GI troubled.


  • Fildena can be responsible for giving hard erection longing for more than4 hours so be careful and remain under doctor’s guidance.
  • It is advised to avoid taking Fildena in case of sensitivity to any of its composition as it may cause side effects.

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