Eyelashes are the part of women beauty. Those having perfect eyelashes have the confidence in them. Those who are lacking eyelashes, they think that in their beauty there is missing something. Your skin may be flawless, you may be white skinned, you may have sharp features, but if you do not have fuller eyelashes, you will have that missing tinge in your beauty.

All of us want to look perfect and beautiful. Girls become joyful when people praise about their beauty. Not all of us have better eyelashes. In some there is small, some have medium, and some have longer eyelashes. Those having lesser growth of an eyelash want a remedy for making their eyelashes stronger and longer. Girls do not like wearing fake eyelashes all the time.

The Careprost Eye Drops Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 product will help in accelerating the speed of eyelashes. This works as eyelash booster. Once you apply, you will observe the change in your eyelash within 6-12 weeks of application. Women tend to flaunt their eyes. There is no need of eye beauty product when you have Careprost eye drops with you.


This product is having Bimatoprost as the active composition. The strength of this is about 0.03%. Our hair has three phases, anagen, catagen, and telogen. This solution works upon the anagen growth phase and hence promotes the growth of your eyelash. The eyelash will speedily grow out your eyelashes fuller and longer.

Start with the single drop of your solution. Put that drop over the applicator tip and then begin applying it over your upper eyelash. Then keep your eyes close for some time so that solution will automatically get applied towards your lower eyelashes. Remove excess of the solution with the assistance of tissue paper.


Contradictory Points:

  • Disallow the usage in cases of highly allergic reactions.
  • Disallow the usage in cases of any eye surgery or an eye inflammation.

Safety tips:

  • Be sure to clean your hands before and after each usage.
  • Put out your contact lenses before you opt for instilling the eye drops.
  • If you have to use another eye drops then instill them after keeping an interval of about 5 minutes.
  • You can reinsert the lens back after 15 minutes.
  • Never touch the tip of brush or container tip as contamination is possible.
  • Always begin using sterile applicators only.

Some worse ailments that get precipitated are as burning sensation in an eye, itching of an eye, light sensitivity, feeling of something in your eyes, dryness, eye discharge, vision alteration, redness, and darkening of eyelid skin.  

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