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Betaxolol Hcl

Betaxolol Opthalmic Generic

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Betaxolol Hcl

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Betaxolol Hcl is generic drug that is meant to treat ocular hypertension. Betaxolol drops belong to beta blocker. Betaxolol can be taken two drop thrice a day for decreasing the inner eye pressure.

One should be refrained from taking Betaxolol if he is allergic to the ingredient of ophthalmic preparation. Or the patient is having history of angina pain or heart stroke.

Mechanism of Betaxolol Hcl it basically acts by decreasing the IOP and inhibits the stimulatory effects that increases the flow of aqueous humor and decreases the synthesis of aqueous humor. Thus it prevents the optic nerve damage.

Patient should be cautious while administration of eye drops Betaxolol Hcl when dealing with:

  • Patient is going for pregnancy or lactating or planning for pregnancy. Patient is allergic to the medicament. Patient is suffering disorders like myasthenia gravis, eye infection and overactive thyroid.
  • Patient is suffering bronchitis, breathing problem, COPD and high blood sugar disorders.
  • Patient is on oral Beta blockers.
  • Not recommended to the children below 2 year age.

Drug interactions with Betaxolol eye drops:

  • Verapamil, flecainide like drugs increase the chances of adverse effects. Some drugs turn the blood pressure low if taken along Betaxolol Hcl like prazosin.
  • Concomitant dosing of Clonidine may cause sudden increase in blood pressure if taking along the Betaxolol.
  • Reserpine may increase the side effects of the drug Betaxolol.
  • Insulin and oral hyperglycemia drug may increase the risk of low blood sugar level in the body.


Storage: The medicament should be kept at cool and shady places, keep the cap tightly enclosed avoid direct sunlight.

Posology and facts of dosing of drug Betaxolol Hcl

One can use one to two drops of drug Betaxolol Hcl three times in a day. Patient should be very cautious about the sterile conditions so maintain hygiene while instillation of drug in the eyes.  So one should wash his/her hands and eye and wipe the water with clean cloth. Put head back and drop the medicament in the eye.  Keep the cap tightly closed. One should pull the eye lid to drop the drug into the eyes. Put back the cap of dropper and maintain sterile condition for the medicament. One should be very cautious that no one touches the tip of applicator.

Over dose may cause hypotension, Bradycardia, bronchospasm myocardial infarction.

Adverse effect of Betaxolol Hcl:

  • Bradycardia, heart block and CHF, pulmonary disorder, Asthma and respiratory failure.
  • Insomnia, vertigo and restlessness.
  •  In some patients they may experience hair loss and hives.

Precautions while taking Betaxolol eye drop:

The drug may cause blurred vision

Diabetes patient should be taking this drug cautiously as it turns sugar level low.

Breastfeeding and pregnant ladies should use the drug cautiously.

The drug should not be swallowed as it may lead to poisoning.