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Azelastine Hydrochloride (a-ZEL-as-teen)

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Optivar eye drop is indicated for treating itchiness in the eyes caused by hypersensitive reactions (allergic conjunctivitis). It contains Generic Azelastine, an effective antihistamine medication. This drug exerts its action by preventing certain natural chemicals (histamines) in account for hypersensitive symptoms. Histamine is a substance of the immune system that leads to allergy signs. Azelastine ophthalmic solution is indicated to treat irritated eyes caused by other hypersensitive reactions such as hay fever. This eye drop works fast, and treats prickly eyes in just 2 to 3 minutes after applying it and the results persists for 8 hours.

"For ocular use only and not for oral use or injection"

AVOID Optivar eye drops in case you are hypersensitive to it or Generic Azelastine.

Optivar eye drop is known to interact with the following drugs:

  • sleeping pills
  • alcohol
  • antidepressants
  • muscle relaxant drugs
  • drugs for anxiety
  • drugs for pain (opioid analgesics)
  • antipsychotic drugs
  • anti-allergic drugs

Optivar eye drops should be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Keep it away from the reach of heat, light or dampness. Do not use the drug if it becomes discolored.

The recommended dosage of Optivar eye drops is one drop instilled into each infected eye two times in a day (for adults and children greater than or equal to 3 years).


First of all, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly prior to the application of eye drops into your eye(s). Incline your head back and lightly draw your lower eyelid downwards to form a small pouch. You must hold the applicator directly above your eye, look up, and pinch a drop of the eye drops into the eyelid pouch. Then, close your eyes for 1 to 2 minutes and gently press on the inside corner of your eye with a fingertip to stay the drug inside the eye and prevent it from draining out. Remember not to rub your eyes.

DO NOT let the tip of the applicator touch any other surface in order to avoid contamination of your medicine. Wipe the tip with a clean tissue after use and put the cap on strongly.

If you forget a dose of Generic Azelastine eye drops, apply it the moment you memorize. But, if it is approximately time for your subsequent dose, you can leave out the missed dose and return back to your usual dosing timetable. Do not apply double doses at a time.

The more common side effects of Generic Azelastine eye drops may include headache, bitter taste, and brief eye stinging or burning sensation. The less common side effects of this eye drop may include eye pain, asthma, and conjunctivitis, difficulty in breathing, tiredness, sore throat, itching, flu-like symptoms, congested nose or temporary blurred vision.


  • If your eyes are infected (are red), do not wear contact lenses. Also this medicine contains a preservative that has the tendency to discolor soft contact lens, thus you must not put lens while using Optivar eye drops.
  • Do not use Generic Azelastine eye drop to treat contact lens-connected eye irritation.
  • AVOID using other eye drops for 5 to 10 minutes prior to or after applying Optivar eye drop.