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Ovidac 10000 iu Injection

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

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Ovidac 10000iu

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Ovidac 10000 iu is used to treat infertility problems in both men (by increasing sperm count) and women (by enhancing the process of ovulation). Ovidac 10000 iu contains Human Chorionic Hormone as its main constituent that is released in the body of the female during pregnancy. It is also used to treat boys aging between 4 to 9 years who have testicles that have not dropped down into the scrotum.

How does Ovidac 10000 iu functions?

Human Chorionic Hormone functions by increasing the sperm count in men and by stimulating the process of maturation and release of egg from the ovary of the female.

What are the Drug Interactions of Ovidac 10000 iu?

The use of Ovidac 10000 iu is not permitted with Follicle Stimulating Hormone as it can result in severe interactions.

What are the contraindications of Ovidac 10000 iu?

If you are sensitive to HCG, then do not take Ovidac 10000 iu as it can result in severe allergic reactions. Avoid intake of Ovidac 10000 iu, if you are pregnant. In case you are facing the problem of early puberty, then do not take this drug.

How to store Ovidac 10000 iu?

Ovidac 10000 iu should be stored away from the reach of heat and light at room temperature.

How to take Ovidac 10000 iu?

Ovidac 10000 iu is to be taken as an injection in the upper thigh or buttock. It is available in two standard doses of 5000 IU and 10000 IU. The selection of the dose depends on the intensity and severity of the disorder.

What to do in case of skipped dose?

If you forget to take a dose of Ovidac 10000 iu, then take it as soon as you remember.

What to do in case of over-dose?

The intake of Ovidac 10000 iu in more than recommended doses can result in over-dosing symptoms.

What are the adverse effects of Ovidac 10000 iu?

The adverse effects of Ovidac 10000 iu are headache, nausea, pain and inflammation at the site of injection, tiredness, etc.

What precautions should be followed while using Ovidac 10000 iu?

The use of Ovidac 10000 iu is not recommended for children below 4 years of age.