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RU486 Abortion Pills | Generic Mifepristone

Generic Mifepristone

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RU486 abortion pills

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RU486 abortion pills is indicated to terminate the unwanted pregnancy in the ladies, which is under 7 weeks. It is also known as Mifeprex. Generic Mifepristone is a main active constituent available in this RU-486 and it is an anti-progesterone hormone. It is an FDA approved medication and it is considered as medical abortion. It gives pain free, hectic and confidential abortion. You can easily perform abortion at your residence without going hospital.

Mifepristone acts in different ways in case of termination of pregnancy-

  • Mifepristone blocks the therapeutic actions of progesterone hormone and also reduces the progesterone hormone in the female's body.
  • Mifepristone blocks the nurturing effects of progesterone and cause the death of developing embryo, fetus and placenta.

Contraindications of RU486 Pill-

RU486 Abortion pills is strictly inadvisable in case of-

  • In case of allergy towards generic Mifepristone.
  • In case of ectopic pregnancy.
  • If you have any sort of Bleeding disorders like hemophilia.
  • If you are suffering from Adrenal glands issues and chronic adrenal failure.
  • If you have pregnancy more than 9 weeks.
  • If you are suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other breathing problems.

Drugs interact with RU486-

  • Corticosteroids like prednisone and Dexamethasone.
  • Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Miconazole and Fluconazole.
  • Rifampicin, Salicyclic acid, Rifabutin and Ethambutol.
  • NSAID's such as Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Blood thinner like Warfarin and Heparin.
  • Phenobarbital, Phenytoin and Carbamazepine.
  • St. John wort.

Storage condition of RU486 Abortion Pill-

RU486 should be stored at the room temperature 300 C and away from the reach of children.

Dosing schedule of RU486 Abortion Pill-   

  • RU486 enclose total 3 tablets, you ought to take 3 pills of RU486 Pill as orally with a sufficient amount of water.
  • After 3 days, visit your nearby hospital for the affirmation of pregnancy.
  • If you are still pregnant, then you have to consume 2 pills of Misoprostol as orally or vaginally.
  • After 14 days, you should visit your nearest hospital for the verification of complete pregnancy and it should be confirmed by certain clinical tests like ultrasound or sonography.

In case if missed dose of RU486 Abortion Pill-

If you forget to get any dose of RU486, then get it as soon as you memorize.

Don't get twofold of RU486 at a same time.

In case of Overdose of RU486:

In case of incidence of overdose of RU486 Pill then instantly confer with your gynecologist and get some emergency medical help.

Adverse effects of RU486:

General side effects of RU486 Abortion Pill:

  • Mild pelvic pain
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdomen pain
  • Sickness
  • Back pain
  • Feeling of tiredness
  • Drowsiness

Rigorous adverse effects of RU486 Pill:

  • Fast heart rate
  • High fever
  • Breast tenderness
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Weakness
  • Heavy and painful vaginal bleeding

Special Safety and precautions-

  • No need to get this medicine if you are not confident about your pregnancy.
  • Girls beneath the age group of 17 years should not get this medicine.
  • If you are on Dexamethasone and prednisone, then avoid the consumption this drug.
  • Avoid the usage of alcohol along with this medicine.
  • Always eat healthy and nutritive diet along with this medicine. 
  • Remove your all Intrauterine devices (IUD's) before consuming this drug. 

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