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Tadagra 20mg - Generic Tadalafil


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Tadagra 20mg

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Tadagra 20mg is safe and effective medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Since erectile dysfunction or male impotency is the worse state for a man in which he found himself incapable to achieve stiff erections sufficient to make sexual activity. Tadagra 20mg consist of tadalafil, which is responsible for its therapeutic activity. This medication successfully works to gain back the sexual pleasure and confidence while making sexual activity. 

Tadagra 20 mg active component tadalafil is a PDE type-5 inhibitor drug. It helps to enhance the blood flow in the regions of male genital part, so that stiffer and harder erections can be achieved for long time. PDE TYPE- 5 inhibits the activity of cyclic GMP, which is responsible to regulate the supply of blood by causing relaxation to the corpus cavernosum. Tadalafil enhances the activity of cyclic GMP.


  • The use of the medication is not recommended to use by females and kids, the medication can impart adverse effects in these cases.
  •  The medication is contraindicated if the patient is taking any nitrates containing medication like nitroglycerine, isosorbide nitrate.
  • The medicine is contraindicated to the heart patients (patient having cardiac arrhythmias) or kidney patients.

Drug interactions-

Tadagra 20mg shows interactions with number of medications like antihypertensive, ranitidine, famotidine and gabapentins.

Store drug Tadagra 20mg properly at room temperature. Keep it always away from heat, moisture, direct sunlight and out of reach of sight of children.

How to take Tadagra 20mg:

Dissimilar to the other regular medications (complete course of which is required for complete action), Tadagra 40 mg has to be taken occasionally. Prefer to take the medicine 30 to 45 minutes prior to make sexual love. Once the medicine has been taken by the patient, the action of this drug retains for 36 hours. Patient can take it with water. It can be taken with or without meals. If taken with meals, prefer to take low fatty diet because with high fatty diet, this medicine tends to decrease its absorption and efficacy.

There are less chances to miss the medication, because it not a regular pill. It is taken only when required. But if someone has forgotten to take the dose before getting engaged in sexual activity, he can take it as soon as he remembers.

Overdosing of the medication should not be done. In case if overdosing symptoms occurs like prolonger erections, headache, nausea, pain in chest, irregular heartbeat, a patient should immediately visit to the doctor. 

Side effects:

There are number of undesirable effects shown by Tadagra 20mg are headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, stomach discomfort, facial flushing,


  • Try to avoid the intake of medicine, if you are allergic to the active component or nay other component of the medication.
  • Do not take alcohol or grapefruit juice along with Tadagra 20mg; it can enhance dizziness like effects.
  •  Another dose of Tadagra 20mg should not be taken within 24 hours.

The medicine can impair thinking capability of a person, so there is need to stop alert requiring activities like driving after taking this medicine.